CLEF 2021 Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Audio Features, Precomputed for Podcast Retrieval and Information Access Experiments. Abigail Alexander, Matthijs Mars, Josh C Tingey, Haoyue Yu, Chris Backhouse, Sravana Reddy and Jussi Karlgren.
  • A Hybrid Approach for Stock Market Prediction Using Financial News and Stocktwits. Alaa Alhamzeh, Saptarshi Mukhopadhaya, Salim Hafid, Alexandre Bremard, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Harald Kosch and Lionel Brunie.
  • Dataset Creation Framework for Personalized Type-based Facet Ranking Tasks Evaluation. Esraa Ali, Annalina Caputo, Séamus Lawless and Owen Conlan.
  • SubjectivITA: An Italian Corpus for Subjectivity Detection in Newspapers. Francesco Antici, Luca Bolognini, Matteo Antonio Inajetovic, Bogdan Ivasiuk, Andrea Galassi and Federico Ruggeri.
  • Evaluating Elements of Web-based Data Enrichment for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Retrieval. Timo Breuer, Melanie Pest and Philipp Schaer.
  • End-to-end Fine-grained Neural Entity Recognition of Patients, Interventions, and Outcomes. Anjani Dhrangadhariya, Gustavo Aguilar, Thamar Solorio, Roger Hilfiker and Henning Müller.
  • Comparing Traditional and Neural Approaches for detecting Health-related Misinformation. Marcos Fernández-Pichel, David Losada, Juan C. Pichel and David Elsweiler.
  • Towards the evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems on evolving datasets with pivot systems. Gabriela Nicole González-Sáez, Philippe Mulhem and Lorraine Goeuriot.
  • A Multi-Task Learning Model for Multidimensional Relevance Assessment. Divi Galih Prasetyo Putri, Marco Viviani and Gabriella Pasi.
  • Skill Extraction for Domain-Specific Text Retrieval in a Job-Matching Platform. Ellery Smith, Andreas Weiler and Martin Braschler.
  • Linguistic Uncertainty in Clinical NLP: a Taxonomy, Dataset and Approach. Mark Turner, Julia Ive and Sumithra Velupillai.

Best of 2020 Labs

  • Self-Calibrating Neural-Probabilistic Model for Authorship Verification Under Covariate Shift. Benedikt Boenninghoff, Dorothea Kolossa and Robert Nickel.
  • Priberam at MESINESP Multi-label Classification of Medical Texts Task. Rúben Cardoso, Zita Marinho, Afonso Mendes and Sebastião Miranda.
  • Herbarium-Field Triplet Network for Cross-Domain Plant Identification. Sophia Chulif and Yang Loong Chang.
  • BERT-based Transformers for Early Detection of Mental Health Illnesses. Rodrigo Martínez-Castaño, Amal Htait, Leif Azzopardi and Yashar Moshfeghi.
  • Dowsing for Math Answers. Yin Ki Ng, Dallas Fraser, Besat Kassaie and Frank Tompa.